I follow a very cool Instagram account by the name of OctoNation, and account that is all about octopi art and media. They posted a very cool sculpture of an octopus that really highlighted the eyes, and it inspired me to draw this.

I wanted to use the wash as a background element so the stark contrast would really foreground the octopus. The wash also makes an appropriate background for the octopus, who is able to squirt ink.


Seeing Red

Having been fascinated by the subtle changes in light and shadow that ink wash affords, I find myself lately drawn to mediums and sales of higher value. Thus, I have been trying out spot reds on high value images. While these spot reds don’t have the range of light and shadow, they give otherwise very stark, high value images another shade of light and shadow.

As for subject matter, I’ve been sticking with human subjects, particularly faces, since the light play on faces is a little more predictable than on other subjects. The first picture is Steve Buscemi in the introduction to Boardwalk Empire. The second is an unreferenced study of a muscular face. Finally, the last imagenis a quick sketch of a cave man, also unreferenced.

Nucky Thompsonmuscle face

cave man fire