Well, Friends, I have finally been able to make an action figure  of myself. I have found the perfect head, of which I now make molds, paint, and eventually put onto a headless GI Joe.

model head

Additionally, I have started a collection of really lovely, pigmented casts of this head. Here’s my gallery.


Finally,  I’ve made an action figure of my friend David, who doesn’t look much like me, but what’re you gonna do.


Wooden Sword Bonanza

I’ve been making more wooden swords, following the success of the thundercats sword of omens that I made a few weeks ago.

Evil Barbarian Dagger

image (22)image (23)

Super Fancy Sword with Sheath

image (15) image (17) image (18)

Tiny Sword for Uncle Noel

image (19) image (20)

Sword of Omens ii

thundercats sword of omens woodimage (13)image (12)