Sleazy Alley in Color

A few weeks ago I posted a black and white version of this cover, which is part of my thesis. I have since colored it and I now present it to you! I leave out the text to highlight just the visual elements.

sleazy alley

Sleazy Alley

I’m finally getting around to doing covers/chapter dividers for my thesis! This is quite a different beast from the world of panels that I’ve been living in. The panels need to have clear action and purpose, but they don’t need to be perfect. The cover, on the other hand, has to be very polished, and one must include enough of a visual thesis statement for the reader to follow. That said, I’m enjoying distilling the chapter down into a fraction of the space that I’ve been working with.

In this chapter, a sleazy detective investigates the protagonists. I have yet to color and add other elements to this cover, but the main idea is there.

noir alley