Terminator Ink Wash

Since I’ve been so very taken with ink wash of late, I want to show the progression of a highly referenced ink wash piece. For subject matter, I have used an Endoskeleton.


I apply lighter tones to the penciled drawing. This is the first few photos.terminator endoskeleton terminator


Then I add dark grays.terminator

Then black, and I adjusted the levels in photoshop.terminator

Then a color layer in PSterminator

And some gradients to render the Endoskeleton a little more.terminator

I’m Back

Hi friends!

I have been in an intensive bout of Grad school this past month, so I haven’t been posting much. On top of that, my internet is constantly giving me the run around. Anyway, here’s a sand person I colored in two ways.

tusken raider tusken raider