Faces in Wash

I thought I’d celebrate the arrival of summer with some ink wash faces. I love to draw brad faced, bald men’s faces, and adding a little wash allows me to bring out more of their features than if I just did black and white.

ghostly face profile evil faces ghostly face

Sound Effects and Emanata

Sound effects and “emanata” are my favorite part of the cartooning process. I don’t focus as much on the “words” themselves, but I try to draw them in a manner that evokes the feeling I want to elicit. My favorite type of emanata/SFX is when there is no real need for a sound or mark. For example when someone’s face lights up, as in the example below, it might warrant emanata (rays of light) but a sound effect seems totally unnecessary. Or is it?

happy cartoon

The following are most of the hand lettered sound effects and emanata that I have used in my thesis.

sound effects


Friends! I apologize for my lack of posts as of late: delicate adventures and I have been working a lot of conventions in the last two weeks and we were swamped. But I’m here now, and that’s what’s important.

So “wrinkles” is what I thought I wrote underneath the Pug (“morschinny” in Russian ), but apparently I didn’t make a crucial mark on the character that looks like a “W”. Shame on me for not checking, but I still like the pug.