Samurai Helmets

Helmets, hats, masks; all manner of facial coverings interest me. Samurai helmets are particularly riveting to me because of the artistry involved. Additionally, the face coverings emote dramatically, lending themselves to beautiful shadows.

samurai helmet samurai helmet

Japanese Designs


Crafty Cow Milk
I don’t remember what the missing person report says, but I think I took it from my basic Japanese text book.

Where’s My Rainbow?
That’s what the snail’s banner says. The exclamation says “snail!”, or “saneru”.



Sandwich Diagram
This is pretty self explanatory. The text says stuff like “mustard”, and “bologna”.


Motorcycle Samurai Diagram
I couldn’t tell you what any of this says.

Zatoichi is a series about a blind swordsman.


Fart Lobster


Poison Fist Ninja Clan Emblem


Shadow Spider Ninja Clan Emblem


Rocket Boot