Godzilla Sweater

I found this old sweater I made back in 2008 with Godzilla and friends. The registration is terrible, but I still love it! Unfortunately, my over zealous dryer ripped the zipper off, so it’s little more than a shawl.

godzilla sweater

Anchor Steam Beer

Another San Francisco fixture that I’m fond of is the Anchor Steam Brewery. I have made a drawing for them that I shall send it to them today. Hopefully they will have a positive response for me, preferably sooner than later.

I was thinking about using this picture of the bridge in concert with this picture of Godzilla.
ggbridge anchorsteam

Godzilla II

I found some of the prints that I made from my Godzilla drawing. The first is a one color print on paper, the second is two colors on fabric (a bag), and the third is three colors on fabric (a sweatshirt). Additionally, I found a drawing of Godzilla coming to San Francisco. He has no hair, and consequently he wears no flowers.