Samurai Helmets

Helmets, hats, masks; all manner of facial coverings interest me. Samurai helmets are particularly riveting to me because of the artistry involved. Additionally, the face coverings emote dramatically, lending themselves to beautiful shadows.

samurai helmet samurai helmet

Faces in Wash

I thought I’d celebrate the arrival of summer with some ink wash faces. I love to draw brad faced, bald men’s faces, and adding a little wash allows me to bring out more of their features than if I just did black and white.

ghostly face profile evil faces ghostly face

David Shirt

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, I suppose you’ll get the idea right off the bat. However, let me bring our new friends up to speed: I love putting the faces of my friends and family on shirts and other media. On the shirt below is my friend David. I have yet to give this to him, so if you’re reading this right now, David, please act surprised when I give this to you.

DSC08222 DSC08223
I put these French Bulldogs in for the hell of it.