Big Posters and Coloring Experiments

To get a change in my routine, I like to draw these large posters, and try out different coloring and shading techniques. Using a variety of subjects, I get a feel for how appropriate a particular technique might be in a particular situation.

Additionally, this is exercise is a great way to gain perspective (no pun intended) on your art style; drawing an object out of context helps me think about how I render the qualities that go into that object, ultimately helping me grow as an artist (I hope).

If you’re interested in doing a similar project, I suggest getting any large surface on which you would enjoy drawing. Leave it someplace convenient and add to slowly.

Ink Wash Landscapes

Here are some Ink wash landscapes. The composition is pretty much the same in both, but the landscape is different.



mesaicebergs ice islandz

Quick Draw

I did some quick drawings to get the juices flowin’.

It’s been a while since I drew a robot.

A scene in the desert.

This is a picture of Francis Buxton from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure when he tells Pee Wee that he’ll be sorry.


This is a squid man.

And these are thse pointy, medieval shoes called “Krakows.”



Delicious Food



The idea or romance of some foods is sometimes better than the food itself. I remember seeing a cartoon dog eat spaghetti when I was a kid,  and no spaghetti ever met my expectations. I think that’s the idea behind these food charts.