Dear Head and Pete

I was on my way to the beach a few months back when I spotted this dear head at a garage sale. I didn’t buy it, but the dear head and I make a cute couple don’t you think?

As you all know, I’m big on line work and hatching. However, I am trying to introduce more value in my drawings. The deep shadows with the black were a fun way to try this.

man holding deer head

Deer Head

I’m working on this deer head right now. Unlike earlier trophy heads, I did not sketch this one out first. Reckless, I know, but I was so frustrated with myself for putting it off for so long that I just took action. I just hollowed it out a few days ago, so once it dries completely, it should be ready for firing. As you can see, I kept the antlers detached. This will make it easier to clean them up when they’re dry. I shoved dowels in them and made holes in the dear head so I can attach them with rubber cement when the deer is fired.