CCSF English Major Shirt

In 2008, Chris Gregor, the head of the CCSF English department, asked me to design and print shirts for the English department. Go me! He liked the monkeys I used in the Writing Lab design, so he suggested that I use some in this design. So I did. A link to the newsletter that advertises the shirts is here.

english major

ccsf english major ccsf english major2 ccsf english major3

City College of San Francisco Writing Lab T-Shirt Design, Fall ’07

From January 2007 to January 2009, I worked as a composition tutor for City College of San Francisco’s Learning Assistance Center. To promote a sense of community, I made shirts. Fellow tutors bought shirts on which I printed, and the rest is history. The original art, which I designed, is below, as well as a tiny shirt and the acetate.