Stone Age Groove

Having just played Farcry: Primal, I’ve been much taken with cave-people culture.   It was a strange and beautiful time for humanity, living on the brink of extinction and at the mercy of the elements. I guess we’re always at the mercy of the elements, but that condition is heightened greatly in cave-folk time.

I do wonder a great deal about cave-denizen clothes: I see a lot of pelts in depictions of cave times, but I also see what one can only describe as pants or leggings. At what point were pants invented? How were these paleo-pants suspended? What materials did they use? I will probably not look into these questions, so they remain a mystery.

I drew these cave-friends with technical pens on toned paper, to simulate a cave-painting feel.  I also used a white pencil for highlights, and on the first, I even used a little charcoal, to give it a real, dirty cave feel.


caveman caveman cavemen

Cave Men

I remember in high school my friend “Joe Bob” wore a shirt that he silk screened. I could tell it said something but I couldn’t tell what, because the letters were artistically skewed and jumbled. “What’s you shirt say, Joe Bob?,” I asked. “Suck.” I never got an explanation.

So to me, since cave men represent the randomness, potential, and folly of humanity, I felt like invoking Joe Bob’s incongruity. Unlike Joe Bob, I will explain why these drawings say suck: it would suck to be a cave man.