Turnips, Artichokes, and Leeks

In an ongoing series of foods and cooking, I’ve drawn some of my favorite veggies.

I started with a few concept rough drawings:

raddish turnip

Then I moved on to pencils (not pictured) and inks:


Finally I added a wash and in photoshop, a greenish tint:


I’ve also made a meat chart:



Orange Vulture

More birds, you say? Yes, I thought I’d continue to practice midtowns and halftone dots with out carrion eating friend here. Apologies for the short post, gentle reader, but it’s been a long week.


Crows and Halftone

In my continuing experience with midtowns and color, I have unlisted the aid of some crows. My uncle was kind enough to photograph these crows at the beach.

I used a grey brush pen for the crows on the right, which gives the midtown a watercolor-feel. The crows on the left use a red brush pen that I manipulated as a solid block of color.

Going forward, I plan on using halftone dots in conjunction with other colors. Stay tuned!


Here are the original crows.


Daredevil Profiles

The second season of Daredevil hasn’t been bad: there’s actually a Daredevil costume, there’s finally a Punisher that is not a joke, and it’s super violent. However, I think the best part of DD has been the moody, noir lighting. It’s very evocative of the Frank Miller and Klaus Jansen Daredevil, and it adds a necessary gravitas to what could be a very campy super-hero.

And as always, when the visual realm inspires me, I do a little drawin’. This is a profile of Matt Murdock talking to a priest. I was really taken with the sliver of light on the front on Matt’s face that quickly fades into grey then blackness.

matt murdock

This is the priest with whom Matt is speaking. I kept the eyes bright because it gives him a supernatural, laser-eye appearance.


Filming a Ghost

A few months ago, a startup contacted me to illustrate them some designs for their blog. They ended up not using the designs, so I now share this with you!

ghost film

This is an ink wash and technical pen mash up. What I love about the wash is that it takes on a warm tone even though it’s diluted black ink. It’s great for more subtle shadows, and for a supernatural, ethereal feel.

MFA Update


Greetings friends! Occasionally I’ve mentioned that I am in an MFA program for comics. What may be news is that I have two semesters left! It really whizzed by.

So what have I been doing in this program? My thesis is a comic that I wrote and ¬†illustrated. It takes place in the future and the characters are a jerks and mutants. Having hyped up my work, I’d like to share some pages. I’ve only put dialogue on one page, though I have put sound effects in some panels.

flea market walrus person7rev 8 5