My Own, Private Empire

I’m very excited to announce that I finally made a two part mold successfully! I’ve finally started making a private army of original Kenner Stormtrooper action figures. Most of these troops look like they’ve seen a lot of action: missing limbs, head cavities; you get the picture. Grotesque deformities and injuries not withstanding, I’m on the road to making two part molds more effectively.

Here is the mold itself. I’ve wrapped rubber bands around it to keep the seal snug.silicone mold


And we have a stormtrooper! Missing hands, but success for the most part.

And an army soon grows!

Ape Soap

As long time readers of the blog may recall, Charlton Heston inspired Planet of the Apes Soap when he decried ape hygiene in his famous statement, “Take your stinking paws off me, you damn, dirty ape.” Since then, I’ve considered that Planet of the Apes never addressed the issue of soap or hygiene, exlcuding the scene in Beneath the Planet of the Apes in which Dr. Zaius is in a sauna or spa of some sort.

This lovely Apesoap design is available in my society6 store.

ape soap

Godzilla Sweater

I found this old sweater I made back in 2008 with Godzilla and friends. The registration is terrible, but I still love it! Unfortunately, my over zealous dryer ripped the zipper off, so it’s little more than a shawl.

godzilla sweater

Boaring Screen-Print

I finally put my beloved boar head on a silk screen so I could print it anywhere I pleased. Hooray!
I didn’t heat set my shirts, because it’s tedious, but it gave the shirts a cool, weathered look.
photo 1

photo 2

Here’s one I printed on wood and cut on my scroll saw. My cat, Bonnie, inspects the work I’m doing.
wooder boar

Here’s the original image and a link to the original post in which this swine made its debut.

iPhone Holders

Hello Friends! Again, I apologize for my absence of late. The semester is almost over,  and I should be able to report in my craft life more frequently.

Today I’d like to share with y’all my iPhone holders. I decided that a place to house my phone would really class it up. I’d have put the phone in these pictures if I wasn’t using it to photograph these holders. Take my word that they work.


photo 1

photo 2

These next three holders were the prototypes. They hold the phone more ore less straight up, and while you can press the giant iphone button, the holder blocks access to the bottom part of the touch screen, which is a major impediment since the bottom is where one controls music and answers 4 photo 3

I still really like this holder because of the Victrola horn I made for it.