Orange Vulture

More birds, you say? Yes, I thought I’d continue to practice midtowns and halftone dots with out carrion eating friend here. Apologies for the short post, gentle reader, but it’s been a long week.


Chickens and Halftone

Yes, friends, I am continuing my journey into half tone land with some chickens.

I was quite proud of the brush strokes on these birds, and I think they elton themselves to halftone.

chicken chicken chicken

chicken chicken chicken

Here are the original birds.


Crows and Halftone

In my continuing experience with midtowns and color, I have unlisted the aid of some crows. My uncle was kind enough to photograph these crows at the beach.

I used a grey brush pen for the crows on the right, which gives the midtown a watercolor-feel. The crows on the left use a red brush pen that I manipulated as a solid block of color.

Going forward, I plan on using halftone dots in conjunction with other colors. Stay tuned!


Here are the original crows.