Daredevil Profiles

The second season of Daredevil hasn’t been bad: there’s actually a Daredevil costume, there’s finally a Punisher that is not a joke, and it’s super violent. However, I think the best part of DD has been the moody, noir lighting. It’s very evocative of the Frank Miller and Klaus Jansen Daredevil, and it adds a necessary gravitas to what could be a very campy super-hero.

And as always, when the visual realm inspires me, I do a little drawin’. This is a profile of Matt Murdock talking to a priest. I was really taken with the sliver of light on the front on Matt’s face that quickly fades into grey then blackness.

matt murdock

This is the priest with whom Matt is speaking. I kept the eyes bright because it gives him a supernatural, laser-eye appearance.


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