Sleazy Alley

I’m finally getting around to doing covers/chapter dividers for my thesis! This is quite a different beast from the world of panels that I’ve been living in. The panels need to have clear action and purpose, but they don’t need to be perfect. The cover, on the other hand, has to be very polished, and one must include enough of a visual thesis statement for the reader to follow. That said, I’m enjoying distilling the chapter down into a fraction of the space that I’ve been working with.

In this chapter, a sleazy detective investigates the protagonists. I have yet to color and add other elements to this cover, but the main idea is there.

noir alley

Robots in Color

I colored this robot in a few different ways:

Robot #1:
I used a gradient to do the bulk of the coloring on this robot, then I used a screen brush to add some highlights.


Robot #2:
I colored this robot by hand. Using my red brush pen, I feathered lines over the black feathered lines.


Robot #3:
I colored the high-lights, the shadows, and the mid-tones in photoshop, but I used only the lasso and bucket tool, so you can really see where each color starts and stops.


Sound Effects and Emanata

Sound effects and “emanata” are my favorite part of the cartooning process. I don’t focus as much on the “words” themselves, but I try to draw them in a manner that evokes the feeling I want to elicit. My favorite type of emanata/SFX is when there is no real need for a sound or mark. For example when someone’s face lights up, as in the example below, it might warrant emanata (rays of light) but a sound effect seems totally unnecessary. Or is it?

happy cartoon

The following are most of the hand lettered sound effects and emanata that I have used in my thesis.

sound effects

Water Tower, Rosie, and a Robot

I had the great pleasure to reunite with Rosie the labrador. She’s a very sweet pooch: whenever you hold her leash, she takes her end gently in her teeth to lead you to where she wants you to go. Rosie is also an avid water pooch.

man and dog

I also finally got around to sketching and washing this water tower. My girlfriend and I pass this on the freeway fairly often, and it’s a very cool subject, with a lot of direct and indirect light sources. I wanted to make some trees, too, but I really didn’t want to put a lot of effort into them. My solution: blow some ink around.

water tower

And I thought I’d get back to my comfort zone and draw a Robot. It’s destroying a city for good measure.


Daredevil Profiles

The second season of Daredevil hasn’t been bad: there’s actually a Daredevil costume, there’s finally a Punisher that is not a joke, and it’s super violent. However, I think the best part of DD has been the moody, noir lighting. It’s very evocative of the Frank Miller and Klaus Jansen Daredevil, and it adds a necessary gravitas to what could be a very campy super-hero.

And as always, when the visual realm inspires me, I do a little drawin’. This is a profile of Matt Murdock talking to a priest. I was really taken with the sliver of light on the front on Matt’s face that quickly fades into grey then blackness.

matt murdock

This is the priest with whom Matt is speaking. I kept the eyes bright because it gives him a supernatural, laser-eye appearance.