MFA Update


Greetings friends! Occasionally I’ve mentioned that I am in an MFA program for comics. What may be news is that I have two semesters left! It really whizzed by.

So what have I been doing in this program? My thesis is a comic that I wrote and ¬†illustrated. It takes place in the future and the characters are a jerks and mutants. Having hyped up my work, I’d like to share some pages. I’ve only put dialogue on one page, though I have put sound effects in some panels.

flea market walrus person7rev 8 5

New Years Projects!

Happy New Years, Friends!
Oh, how I wish these gaps between posts would subside, but alas, delicate adventures¬†has me busier than an egg with arms and legs. Speaking of which, I just attended Newcon in Portland, Oregon. I peddled my guides to jerks, nerds, and rasslin’. Why just look at all these volumes!

da books

What else have I been working on, you say? I’ve been making pretty good headway on my thesis for my MFA program. In doing so, I’ve been getting more acquainted with brush pens, which I’ve come to love. Here’s a panel from my thesis.


And here’s a self portrait I did with a different brush pen and ink wash:

brush pen and ink wash

And as far as design projects go, I’ve made some pretty neat molds. A while ago, I made a ceramic devil head, and I just recently got around to casting it! The horns and the face are separate molds, and I paint the eyes. I want to put hardware in the back and make it into a belt buckle.

d belt original d belt 2