My Own, Private Empire

I’m very excited to announce that I finally made a two part mold successfully! I’ve finally started making a private army of original Kenner Stormtrooper action figures. Most of these troops look like they’ve seen a lot of action: missing limbs, head cavities; you get the picture. Grotesque deformities and injuries not withstanding, I’m on the road to making two part molds more effectively.

Here is the mold itself. I’ve wrapped rubber bands around it to keep the seal snug.silicone mold


And we have a stormtrooper! Missing hands, but success for the most part.

And an army soon grows!

Pirate Fishermen

I read an article about “pirate fishermen”, fishermen that overfish and use slave labor. In spite of the sobering prose, I found the accompanying photos exquisite. What better way to practice my newly rekindled love of coloring than on highly referenced drawings?

pirate fishermen