Dear Head and Pete

I was on my way to the beach a few months back when I spotted this dear head at a garage sale. I didn’t buy it, but the dear head and I make a cute couple don’t you think?

As you all know, I’m big on line work and hatching. However, I am trying to introduce more value in my drawings. The deep shadows with the black were a fun way to try this.

man holding deer head

Zombies Invade San Francisco

A few months ago, I signed onto this really cool Choose Your Own Adventure type project. The premise is that Zombies have overrun San Francisco and you must try to not die, very similar to real life in San Francisco. I drew many of the items that your character can pick up. I’ll keep y’all updated for release dates, but here’s a link to the fellow who’s in charge of this project.

pistol bolt action rifle

m16 assault rifleknife and other items drill binoculars and other items items 2