Doc’s Clock

This is Doc, an old friend of mine. I’ve known him all my life, and he has looked exactly the same for that time.

What I have done here is made a clock-like mounting for for a portrait of doc. Doc can make his colorful doppelganger talk like a puppet, of even hide things in his own head. All hail Doc!
doc box
doc box 2

Sookie Wants a Kiss

I was posing for a picture with two of my dogs when I fell over. Sookie, the Boston Terrier, seized on this opportunity to steal a kiss from me. I noticed that there is a shadow on the left side of this drawing that, while a tree cast it, looks like pooling blood, as if my sweet little Sookie had fatally bit me. I assure you that that is not the case.
sookie attack

Wooden Sheath

My brother’s girlfriend is a chef, and she saw some really cool wooden sheaths she liked. She asked If I could make something comparable. While perhaps not as fancy as the one’s she saw, I am satisfied with these.

I made this out of a wine crate. I don’t know who Frank is.

This one is thinner. I made this out of a fruit crate.
knife thinassknife

This one has a magnet embedded in it.
lkjl iokl
This is the thinnest one I made.
ikd lk

New Happy Tramps Gear

I’ve decided to start the New Year off right, with new promotional material for Happy Tramps, the dog walking company that employs me.

I printed this on part of an old box, then I put a sealant on it.


I just printed this one color without putting on any sealant.



This is a sweatshirt for my boss.DSC08334

And as always, Business Cards!