Deer Trophy

As you all know, I’m fond of trophy heads (fake ones, because I love animals). Finally I’ve made a resin cast that you can purchase! I finally got my Etsy store in gear so you can purchase hand made goods there!!

bluandpink  sizecomparison pinkfacebluprofile

Xenomorph Eggs!

I have a tiny Xenomorph egg from an Alien toy, so I thought I’d practice mold making with it. Look how they’ve multiplied!

High Fives
Dog key chains
Bees of two sizes
3D biz card
Put this on bottles of poison.

Here are some of the molds.DSC08307
Here’s the mold from which each of these eggs came.


Video Game Monsters

I applied to a video game company’s illustration department recently. As part of their application process, they wanted me to draw three monsters from their video game in an “epic” manner. I blurred the brand name out in the first drawing.
kaboarki3 inktank light