Lion Mold

I succeeded in making a latex mold and a polyurethane cast of a belt buckle.


This stuff is really cool: this binary compound becomes opaque and solid within minutes. Just look at it go from translucent …3
…to opaque. This would probably be more impressive in the form of a video.

Feel the Pain, Baby

    Telly Savalas, AKA the lolly pop eating detective, Kojak, was in a  Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey advertisement in the late 70s. I should mention that Kojak would always say “who loves ya, baby”, or something similar, so Black Velvet ran this picture of Telly smiling, with a quote from Kojak himself: “Feel the velvet, baby.” Black Velvet even posted an enormous billboard by the entrance to the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. One day, when my dad was driving on the bridge, he saw the bill board had been defaced.Telly now had fangs and instead of velvet, he suggested we feel the “pain”. I dealt with this story by making it into a shirt.

Victorian Ornaments

I have always loved engravings and pictures of Victorian ornaments. I recently tried printing a giant ornament on some wood and cutting it out. Though I plan on refining the design, my first draft came out okay.


Here’s the design on paper.


This is the larger of the two. I used a jigsaw to cut it out and it chewed the wood a little. I’ll stick with the scroll