Copy Central

Copy Central is the copy store where I get a lot of acetate copies made for silk screening. They are always very friendly there, so I thought I’d make a drawing for them.
This was actually a very difficult project for me. Under the final version at the top, you’ll see the drafts.

copycentral2enlamission copycentralcolor copycentralmachineonly

Anchor Steam Beer

Another San Francisco fixture that I’m fond of is the Anchor Steam Brewery. I have made a drawing for them that I shall send it to them today. Hopefully they will have a positive response for me, preferably sooner than later.

I was thinking about using this picture of the bridge in concert with this picture of Godzilla.
ggbridge anchorsteam

Otto The Arch Dog

Here in San Francisco, there is an art supply store called Arch that I frequent. A Boston Terrier named Otto lives there. I thought I’d express my fondness for Arch in the form of a picture.

archwithdogntext archdog archplain archhatched