Little Tables

Yes, friends, I love to make little tables. I think this is related to my drive to organize, because I notice in my room that the tables serve to break up space into specific areas. For example In have a water carafe and a glass on a little table, which makes it the drinking area. On another, I have stationary. The joy of little tables is boundless.

Here’s my water table. I silk screened a lobster on it.

I found this hunk of wood at a used art supply store. Best seven dollars I’ve spent in a long time.

Another table on which I silk screened a lobster, but this one is taller.

I made this drinkin’ table for my dad, who I’ve seen spill his shots a few times. See how well these glasses fit into the nooks? He can put a plate of snacks and shots for him, my mom, and my uncle on it.

This would be a great wiener-dog-examining table, but I’ll be putting slippers on it.

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