CCSF English Major Shirt

In 2008, Chris Gregor, the head of the CCSF English department, asked me to design and print shirts for the English department. Go me! He liked the monkeys I used in the Writing Lab design, so he suggested that I use some in this design. So I did. A link to the newsletter that advertises the shirts is here.

english major

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Little Tables

Yes, friends, I love to make little tables. I think this is related to my drive to organize, because I notice in my room that the tables serve to break up space into specific areas. For example In have a water carafe and a glass on a little table, which makes it the drinking area. On another, I have stationary. The joy of little tables is boundless.

Here’s my water table. I silk screened a lobster on it.

I found this hunk of wood at a used art supply store. Best seven dollars I’ve spent in a long time.

Another table on which I silk screened a lobster, but this one is taller.

I made this drinkin’ table for my dad, who I’ve seen spill his shots a few times. See how well these glasses fit into the nooks? He can put a plate of snacks and shots for him, my mom, and my uncle on it.

This would be a great wiener-dog-examining table, but I’ll be putting slippers on it.