Sesame Street Shirts

As I advance in age, I find it increasingly difficult to find Sesame Street clothes that fit me. Additionally, what’s all this nonsense about Cookie Monster eating vegetables?No, no, no, that won’t do at all.

Here are some of my Sesame Street shirts that I’ve drawn and printed. NOTE: These were not made for commercial purposes!

This is my favorite shirt that I’ve ever made.

Here I am with my friend, Lauren, who is wearing the Count shirt I made her. Please note that the count and I are making the same gesture. This was unintentional.

This is on the back of the count shirt I gave Lauren. Unfortunately I have no photographic proof of that.Though this is not Sesame Street related, I put this on the back of my Cookie Monster shirt.


Oregon Trail Revisited

My brother and I are making a comic about the Oregon Trail video game. I don’t know if everyone’s familiar with this game, but this is edu-tainment failing at its best. For example, everyone would name themselves something cool, and then name everyone in their party ¬†things like My Butt, My Ass, Some Poop, because then the computer would say “My Butt was bitten by a snake” or “Some Poop has cholera”. Expect more of these in the coming months.