Happy Tramps

Happy Tramps Dog Walking and Pet Sitting is a company that I work for. My boss is also my good friend, Leah, and we love dogs. I manage Happy Tramps social media, create graphics, and walk dogs. Here are some of the graphics and marketing tools I’ve created.

Here’s a shirt design. You can see that I need to clean up the screen before I make more, but for demonstration purposes it works fine. I drew the baby French bulldog then burned it onto a silk screen.

This is the original shirt design. I designed this in 2010, before I was working for Happy Tramps. I like this design, but too many fine lines and multiple colors made it too complicated for me to reproduce effectively and reliably (I’m limited to a very rudimentary silk screening system).

Here are some fliers I made. Eye catching, high quality, material sets our fliers apart from others.

These are business cards. Again, the high quality of the prints and the materials sets Happy Tramps’ promotional material apart from more the more traditional fare.

This is the artwork for the original design. I also came up with a hobo dog (top left), but we went with a better groomed dog.

These are the sets of lettering I came up with and printed.

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