Ice Cream

I was going to give this to  Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous Ice Cream Parlor in San Francisco. Long story short, I destroyed the original by accident. Still maybe they’d like an ice cream cone that prominently says  “Peter Glanting”.

Thank You, From the Lobstor



I’m planning on selling these tiny little bags on Etsy or something. I claimed the name “Lobstor” because I wanted to make lobster themed things. These are printed to look like those plastic bags.


Here’s the prototype for the official Lobstor lobster bag.




I did’t realize the T wasn’t printing. This would be good for someone named Hank.


Here is my hand next to a bag, to give you an idea of how small these bags are.

Cave Men

I remember in high school my friend “Joe Bob” wore a shirt that he silk screened. I could tell it said something but I couldn’t tell what, because the letters were artistically skewed and jumbled. “What’s you shirt say, Joe Bob?,” I asked. “Suck.” I never got an explanation.

So to me, since cave men represent the randomness, potential, and folly of humanity, I felt like invoking Joe Bob’s incongruity. Unlike Joe Bob, I will explain why these drawings say suck: it would suck to be a cave man.

Happy Tramps Pooch Print

This is a Block of wood that I printed on. Here’s the step by step:

Here’s the background I’ve already printed.

Put the screen over the piece so that the design will line up with the background. Since I haven’t printed anything yet, I can see the design through the screen. This is not always the best way to line up your screen with a printed background, but for just one print I think it’s fine.

Put ink on the screen and pass it over the design with your squeegee.

This is what the screen looks like after you print, before you clean it, which I did immediately, lest the water based ink dry up in the screen and ruin it. (To the left of the Happy Tramps design you can see my Dashiell Hammet egg)

This is the final product.