Orson Welles and a Gorilla

I came upon a photo of Orson Welles yelling, and it reminded me of a gorilla I once drew. So I threw them together thinking they’d be fast friends. The gorilla on the yellow shirt is yelling “jungle scream”. I got the idea for this design from a disgusting Swedish candy called Djungel Vral whose mascot is a cartoon gorilla.


Decorative Skulls

My friend and I are trying to make a series of skulls to decorate, sort of like a combination of the Munny toy, sugar skulls, and Luchador masks. So far, I’ve made one ceramic skull that I like. I used some recycled clay that gave it a nice marbled effect when I shoved it into a plaster mold I made. Eventually I’d like to make a slip cast. This ain’t over…

Wooden Handguns

Hand guns are difficult to make from wood because of their size and detail. However, I was playing Contract Killer:Zombies on my dad’s iPad and I saw a really simple design. I later introduced a mobile clip.

I wrote “Sweetness” on the gun to be like Stephen Colbert, though he appears to have a .38 snub nose.

This is the proto-type.

I covered the handle.  

These are the original drawings


I made this one for Uncle Noel.

This is an unsuccessful sequel.

I did this one for my brother about a year ago.

I added this personal touch. That’s correct; I am a college graduate.

People I Don’t Like

I’d like to demonstrate how mature I am. In keeping with my tradition of drawing unflattering pictures of humans, this is a drawing of people I don’t like. I made shirts and distributed them to people who shared my dislike or would run into these cads. My uncle Noel is pictured wearing one of these shirts. He’s a good sport. A prototype of one of the guys on the shirt is below.