Orson Welles and a Gorilla

I came upon a photo of Orson Welles yelling, and it reminded me of a gorilla I once drew. So I threw them together thinking they’d be fast friends. The gorilla on the yellow shirt is yelling “jungle scream”. I got the idea for this design from a disgusting Swedish candy called Djungel Vral whose mascot is a cartoon gorilla.


Decorative Skulls

My friend and I are trying to make a series of skulls to decorate, sort of like a combination of the Munny toy, sugar skulls, and Luchador masks. So far, I’ve made one ceramic skull that I like. I used some recycled clay that gave it a nice marbled effect when I shoved it into a plaster mold I made. Eventually I’d like to make a slip cast. This ain’t over…

Wooden Handguns

Hand guns are difficult to make from wood because of their size and detail. However, I was playing Contract Killer:Zombies on my dad’s iPad and I saw a really simple design. I later introduced a mobile clip.

I wrote “Sweetness” on the gun to be like Stephen Colbert, though he appears to have a .38 snub nose.

This is the proto-type.

I covered the handle.  

These are the original drawings


I made this one for Uncle Noel.

This is an unsuccessful sequel.

I did this one for my brother about a year ago.

I added this personal touch. That’s correct; I am a college graduate.

People I Don’t Like

I’d like to demonstrate how mature I am. In keeping with my tradition of drawing unflattering pictures of humans, this is a drawing of people I don’t like. I made shirts and distributed them to people who shared my dislike or would run into these cads. My uncle Noel is pictured wearing one of these shirts. He’s a good sport. A prototype of one of the guys on the shirt is below.


Delicious Food



The idea or romance of some foods is sometimes better than the food itself. I remember seeing a cartoon dog eat spaghetti when I was a kid,  and no spaghetti ever met my expectations. I think that’s the idea behind these food charts.

Know What I Think of Becka?

“Becka” is another person that I dislike. You might call her a “Debbie Downer”. Then again you might call me an asshole. Fair enough.  On the panel “Lady Becka’s Tote Bag”, I had to replace the handwritten type because my handwriting is so bad. In fact, if you cannot read anything in that panel let me know.

Adventures in Cultural Literacy


Adventures in Cultural Literacy is the product of San Francisco State University’s graduate composition program. Graduate candidate Paul Glanting had the task of exploring an aspect of the community college where he was teaching, through any medium he chose. We collaborated over a period of several weeks to conceptualize, draft, and eventually publish what would become Adventures in Cultural Literacy